Awesome Bathroom for Life

most awesome bathroom ever

Awesome Bathroom for Life. There are many things to improve life quality, and one of them is by decorating house interior. House interior is not limited to places to gather with family member. However, it is also applicable for other […]

Transparent Wall Frames for Stony Beach House Architecture

Sitting Spot with Glossy Stained Floor, White Exposed Brick Wall and Ceiling with Skylight and Beams

On a rocky shore, Izquierdo Lehmann completes the project Casas 31 of beach house architecture by stone material constructing the elegant home design with the transparent wall frames. Blue and vast ocean becomes the main background where this living cave […]

Small Bathroom with Design Minimalist

interior design ideas minimalist bathroom

Small Bathroom with Design Minimalist – A small bathroom really needs careful attention because there is not too much space for putting many items at once. It is actually impossible to make the bathroom beautiful except there has been nice […]

Bathroom Mirror Ideas for Making Your Bathroom Wider

bathroom mirror ideas diy

Bathroom Mirror Ideas for Making Your Bathroom Wider. One of the important parts of the house is bathroom. It is because people cannot be separated from the sanitation process. And now, there are some kinds of the bathroom. The unique […]

Antique Home Décor with Medieval Theme Design for a Present Living

Stone Structure Completed with Wooden Furniture Sets and Candle Lights on Table and Shelving

An old-styled hotel was made by copying concepts of antique home décorand others medieval buildings. Utilizing the environment which located in the mountains of Abruzzo, the designers tried to apply the impression of having a private space as in a classic raj. The […]

Stylish Bathroom in White and Black

stylish bathroom flooring

Stylish Bathroom in White and Black. A bathroom is usually designed in very energetic design. It means that the choice of color is not really far from white, blue, and cream. There is actually other color that you may not […]

Three Things in Bathroom Accessories Ideas

bath decorating ideas accessories

Three Things in Bathroom Accessories Ideas. It is known that, decoration is needed to make the interior of a room come more stunning and beautiful. It is also applied for the bathroom to make it look better. Bathroom accessories are […]

High Flat Ceilings in Unique Apartment Loft Design

Rectangular Table and Stylish Chairs Completing the Contemporary House D Decking

What usually do we have below our apartment loft with high flat ceilings? A mini restaurant? A shop? Oran office? Well, for this last one, maybe many of you think that having a home above an office is not a good […]

Bathroom with Stunning Design, Make Your Bathroom Becomes Luxurious

stunning bathroom lighting

Bathroom with Stunning Design, Make Your Bathroom Becomes Luxurious. Bathroom is one of the important parts of the house. Nowadays, bathroom becomes the part of life of the people. The higher class of the people, the more luxury the bathroom. […]

Glamour Bathroom with Classic Ideas

traditional bathroom vanities

Glamour Bathroom with Classic Ideas. Glamour bathroom is one of the bathroom ideas that used by many luxury bathrooms. Nowadays, people are come up with combination style for the bathroom. One of the combinations is the glamorous bathroom with classic […]

Traditional House Elevations in Rural Landscape

Living Space with Stylish Sleek Armchairs and Wooden Rectangular Coffee Table Connected to Dining Space

Green village is an inspiration of traditional house elevationsdesigned in the true vernacular look. Ibuku, a Balinese Studio designed this rural house in earth elements as the main structures. The entire house is made from bamboo materials. The house wall, the […]

Bathroom with Modern Design and 3 Rules

modern bathroom designs for small spaces

Bathroom with Modern Design and 3 Rules. There are some ways to design bathroom based on your preference. Some people may ask why it is necessary to design a bathroom. It is actually very important because unlike other room, bathroom […]

Bathroom Accessories for Enhancing Appearance

bathroom accessory sets

Bathroom Accessories for Enhancing Appearance. Bathroom appearance is really important to be organized. Not only does it show the owner’s characteristic, but it is also great for making the owner comfortable. There are actually some items in bathroom that should […]

Hotel Building System with Intimate Wine Lounge as Modern Furniture

Waiting Room at Hotel Applied Modern Ceiling Lamps and Unique Sitting Furniture at the Corner

In these past years, the design of hotel building systemhas been so unexpected and more inviting than ever. Spending time with your family, friends or your significant other in unique concept of interior is necessary. Its boutique hotel, unique theme hotel, […]

Savvy House of Style Completed with Sustainability Housing System

Stylish Pattern Combined with Simple Concrete Outdoor Garden with Steel Handrails

Morphosis Architects completed this savvy house of style through the Make It Right program after Katrina storm. The house is named as FLOAT House. It is an economical and savvy home with sustainable housing system. The water and the other energy source […]

Frameless Glass Sliding Panels for Amazing Contemporary Home Design

Rooftop Deck at with Wooden Flooring and Concrete Bench on Rooftop Terrace at Modern Casa Equis

When it comes to contemporary home with frameless glass sliding panels, all ideas about sophisticated look, sustainable system and strong relation to the environment are always the main topic. However, what’s more inviting that has durable living space that has sophisticated […]

Exterior Design Styles for Admirable Modern Home Concept

Wooden STaircase and White Door and Glass Window at House Also Wooden Floor and Wall

If someone has decided that his style of a home design is a modern home then they probably have the characteristic of practical personality such as for the exterior design styles. Modern home identifies its owner with the practical character because of […]

Wooden Deck Design for Astounding Contemporary House Style

House and Architecture of Residence with Geometrical Shape Building with Corner Glass Window

An amazing contemporary house with the wooden deck design was built in Melbourne City, Victoria, Australia. Designed by Maddison Architects, this two-storeyed house was conjured into an amazing dwell. Installing many big glass windows around the house, the designers tried to give some simple and natural […]

Planning for Contemporary Bathroom Concept

contemporary bathroom light fixtures

Planning for Contemporary Bathroom Concept. Bathroom always becomes one of the most importance spot in your house that needs to be carefully designed in order to give you best satisfaction. There are millions ideas are all available for you to […]

Advantages of Bathroom Ceramic Tile Idea

ceramic wall tile patterns ideas

Advantages of Bathroom Ceramic Tile Idea. Time goes by; things come and go as the time passes. But there are things that won’t change even for years. Yes, it was ceramics, that never out of date for your bathroom ceramic […]

Spacious Dining Table for Fascinating Urban Design in a Vacation House

Wooden Beds with Blue Covered Mattress Adapting the Wall Painting Featured with Perforated Window Panel

A dazzling vacation house with urban designs of spacious dining table was built by Luz de Piedra Arquitectos from Costa Rica. Naming the masterpiece as the Casa Atrevid, the designers were succeeding in building this area as a very amazing house. Dominated with bamboo, this house […]

The Ideas in Creating a New Bathroom Design

new bathroom designs australia

The Ideas in Creating a New Bathroom Design. When you feel that the interior of your bathroom is not that beautiful, then you can make a change of it. A new bathroom design will make your bathroom have a new […]

biltmore estate 3d floor plan

biltmore estate floor plan

There sq. measure a quantity of qualities concerning 3d renderings inside the construction world, they’re helpful for a spread of tasks. they honestly bring loads of advantages to design, and helps style to urge any than clients expectations. Let’s take […]